Keep Catch Basins and Drains Working to Extend Life of Asphalt

If the catch basins can’t handle the drainage of your parking lot, it creates a safety issue and will ultimately lead to severe damage. So, make checking the catch basins part of routine maintenance. When there is a breakdown of the catch basins, it may be necessary to rebuild them. An expert paving contractor will make sure that the drain has proper slope and seamless joint with the surrounding asphalt. Here are some pictures of the Parking Lot Services crew rebuilding drains, including new frames and gate assembly, and making sure the seams are a tight fit.

Catch Basin Repair at Lincoln Park, Parsippany, NJcatch basin repair in Parsippany, NJ

As you can see in one of the pictures, there is still snow on the ground. Ignoring a drain problem can result in a liability if melted snow becomes a sheet of ice overnight because it couldn’t clear away safely.

Full Service Paving Contractors Must be Prepared for Mill and Pave

The process known as ‘mill and pave’ is required when the old asphalt has to be removed down to the base because it is too damaged by potholes, dense network of cracks, or other damage to the surface or the base itself. This kind of damage occurs because of age, inadequate preventive maintenance or faults with how the original parking lot was built.


Mill and pave require special equipment and expertise. The paving contractor requires special equipment to break up the concrete, remove the broken pieces, and big trucks to cart it away. Then, it’s important to adhere to the New Jersey permit process for environmentally sound disposal. Before new asphalt can be laid down, the base may have to be repaired or rebuilt. When the new asphalt is laid down, it must be to the proper depth to support the traffic your parkig lot will experience.


If the mill and pave is for only part of the old surface, it’s critical that the new and old meet flush with a tight seam. Otherwise a big seam will open up, letting in water and quickly break apart.


All this requires expertise and integrity from the paving contractor. Otherwise, you are wasting your money becaue the repair will not last. Here are samples of jobs well done for New Jersey businesses.


First is the Daily News in Jersey City, NJ, where the parking lot is pounded by heavy trucks and busy auto traffic. The second example is at the Best Buy in Bridgewater, NJ, who hired Parking Lot Services LLC for asphalt repair on the busy road into their shopping center. We worked carefully in ordr not to interfere with the flow of customers during our operations. And, third, at a commercial property at 3 Sperry Road, Fairfiel (Essex County), NJ, needed major repair of their driveways and you can see the line up of Parking Lot Services equipment and crew to make quick work of the project, without disrupting the occupants.


Mill and Pave by Parking Lot Services LLC of Rockaway, NJ

Mill and Pave for Daily News, Jersey City, NJ

Asphalt Repair at Best Buy shopping center, Bridgewater, NJ

Asphalt Repair at Best Buy, Bridgewater, NJ

Mill and Pave in Essex County, NJ
Mill and Pave at Commercial Building, Fairfiled, NJ

Asphalt Repair and Seal Coating for Local Car Dealers

Salerno Duane Infiniti of Denville, NJ, hired Parking Lot Services to do some asphalt repair, including crack filling, before seal coating the lot. Because our crew applied seal coating by hand, they had full control to assure a thick enough coating to protect the asphalt and extend its life. To finish off everything, we added line striping and clear signage.


Route 46 Nissan in Totowa, NJ, needed some patching to repair some rough, cracked areas. Their goal was to minimize the impact on their busy operations and we were happy to oblige. The sign of quality work is a tight, smooth seem between patch and existing paving.

Seal coating and asphalt repair in Denville, NJ          

Preakness Baptist Church of Wayne, NJ Crack Repair, Sealcoating and Fresh Pavement Markings

Church leadership sought us out to spruce up their parking lot. The church had a good maintenance interval so our work was quite straight forward. They asked Parking Lot Services to seal cracks with a lasting sealant before sealcoating. The parking lot already had a great slope to drain the lot to a centrally located drain. (We often need to rectify drainage and repair catch basins but this lot was in good shape.) The traffic wear and tear is not daily and one coating with the right mix of sand in the sealant completed the rejuvenation. We repainted all the old lines and pavement markings, and gave them the right level of clearly marked ADA spots. We loved working with the Church and appreciate that they posted a nice review on our testimonial page. Check out how great the results!

Warehouse Gets Curb Appeal With Renewed Parking Lot

The property manager for the warehouse at 50 Morton Street in East Rutherford called us in to repair, seal, and line stripe the parking lot. Parking Lot Services patched potholes, and some areas needed milling and paving to replace severely damaged asphalt. Then we applied two coast of high quality sealcoating. You can see the results. We’re happy to report that our client was very satisfied.

Hackensack Garden Apartments Renews Its Parking Lots

Like for most suburban buildings, including apartment complexes, the appearance of the parking lot affects significantly how the whole property looks. Management of Hackensack Garden Apartments hired Parking Lot Services to fix almost three-thousand feet of cracks over 3/8” deep. Then we used sealcoating sized to the traffic wear on the lot. Then we repainted lines and made sure all safety markings are clear and look good, too.