Preakness Baptist Church of Wayne, NJ Crack Repair, Sealcoating and Fresh Pavement Markings

Church leadership sought us out to spruce up their parking lot. The church had a good maintenance interval so our work was quite straight forward. They asked Parking Lot Services to seal cracks with a lasting sealant before sealcoating. The parking lot already had a great slope to drain the lot to a centrally located […] Read more »

Warehouse Gets Curb Appeal With Renewed Parking Lot

The property manager for the warehouse at 50 Morton Street in East Rutherford called us in to repair, seal, and line stripe the parking lot. Parking Lot Services patched potholes, and some areas needed milling and paving to replace severely damaged asphalt. Then we applied two coast of high quality sealcoating. You can see the […] Read more »

Hackensack Garden Apartments Renews Its Parking Lots

Like for most suburban buildings, including apartment complexes, the appearance of the parking lot affects significantly how the whole property looks. Management of Hackensack Garden Apartments hired Parking Lot Services to fix almost three-thousand feet of cracks over 3/8” deep. Then we used sealcoating sized to the traffic wear on the lot. Then we repainted […] Read more »