Keep Catch Basins and Drains Working to Extend Life of Asphalt

If the catch basins can’t handle the drainage of your parking lot, it creates a safety issue and will ultimately lead to severe damage. So, make checking the catch basins part of routine maintenance. When there is a breakdown of the catch basins, it may be necessary to rebuild them. An expert paving contractor will make sure that the drain has proper slope and seamless joint with the surrounding asphalt. Here are some pictures of the Parking Lot Services crew rebuilding drains, including new frames and gate assembly, and making sure the seams are a tight fit.

Catch Basin Repair at Lincoln Park, Parsippany, NJcatch basin repair in Parsippany, NJ

As you can see in one of the pictures, there is still snow on the ground. Ignoring a drain problem can result in a liability if melted snow becomes a sheet of ice overnight because it couldn’t clear away safely.

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