Paving Services


is the first line of defense for pavement by waterproofing the surface. It is both preventive and also restorative. Parking lots are a large part of the esthetic impression of many properties, and fresh seal coat really makes the whole property look great.

  • A quality seal coating project begins with proper preparation that includes thorough sweeping and expert repair of cracks and patching of potholes. Application must be thorough with no gaps and include the edges.
  • Enough seal coating must be applied to thoroughly penetrate the surface and seal the fine cracks and rejuvenate the asphalt.

Catch Basins

are installed to help drain a parking lot or roadway. They must be properly installed and periodically maintained in order to serve their purpose. Part of each parking lot and driveway inspection by Parking Lot Services includes careful evaluation of the drainage system.

  • Catch basins need periodic cleaning, and repair when the pavement around them breaks down or drainage is compromised in some way.
  • Successive freeze-thaw cycles can be particularly hard on the edge around the drain, which then breaks down as traffic goes over the drain area.
  • Ignoring drainage has consequences. It can accelerate the deterioration of the rest of the lot, and can actually contribute to unsafe conditions for example when run off accumulates and creates icy patches.

Line Striping

is important for parking lot safety. The lines and markings direct traffic; how a lot is laid out determines efficiency and safety. Bright lines also contribute to curb appeal and send the message that the property is well cared for.

  • We use high quality paint that produces lasting results.
  • The surface has to be well cleaned so that paint adheres and produces a lasting result.
  • When seal coating precedes line painting, there has to be proper cure time.
  • Clean spray heads and experienced staff determine how sharp the line edges are, contributing to the final appeal of your property.

Crack Repair and Sealing

is a broad category of types of repairs depending on the depth, width and density of the cracks or where potholes have occurred. If ignored long enough, cracks may actually lead to such deterioration that sections have to be cut out and removed. Creating clean cut edges and the right amount of fill are key to a lasting patch. Parking Lot Services thoroughly inspects your parking lot to determine the proper approach to repair to produce a lasting, and cost effective solution.

Asphalt Patching, Pot Hole Repair or Paving Overlay

is appropriate when postponed maintenance, harsh weather and heavy traffic has deteriorated the asphalt to such and extend that crack repair is no longer appropriate. Parking Lot Services will survey paved surfaces carefully and plan out how to most cost effectively produce a lasting solution. We will present you a complete plan.

Curb Repair

is important for safety as well as looks. Curbs also help channel run off from the lot as well as make sure cars stay on the pavement and away from plants, edges and other places they shouldn’t be. We will inspect and include repair of concrete or asphalt curbs.

Part of our services is legal disposal of all materials that we remove as part of our repair or maintenance services.

Parking Lot Services is committed to your satisfaction.