Pavement Crack Repair and Sealing

Pavements naturally get worn due to vehicle traffic, severe weather conditions, and delayed maintenance. The quality of the subgrade, drainage and paving also impact the speed and severity of the surface cracking.


There are different types of cracking. Alligator cracks result from structural failure and weakness in the base or subgrade. Edge cracks result from poor drainage conditions and lack of reinforcement on the pavement edge.


Once property owners notice signs of cracking, it is recommended that they call the professionals to conduct an assessment. Early repair of cracks before the damage is too extensive is more cost effective than delay, which may produce potholes and large areas that need to be milled out and paved over. Cracks 3/8 inches or larger should be cleared by compressed air and wire wheels to remove dirt, vegetation and debris before they are filled.


No matter how severe the damage, Parking Lot Services can fix it. Trust our expert paving contractors to get on the job fast, with the best equipment to seal cracks and repair potholes. We will provide you an inspection report indicating the areas and extent of damage, as well as a project plan citing the schedule, workflow, and repair procedures.


The key to excellent crack repair is to adhere the crack filling and to create as smooth new surface with the surrounding areas as possible. We’ve all seen crack filling that floats off cracks and creates unsightly bumps. We want to give you a lasting solution and one that is aesthetically pleasing also.


Asphalt Pavement Cracks Big or Small, We’ve Got Them Covered!


Our contractors will conduct an extensive inspection of the pavement to identify all damaged areas. We follow a rigorous approach to accurately locate, seal, and repair cracks of every size. We use top-grade asphalt paving materials for filling and sealing to restore your pavement to excellent condition.


Miniscule damage is hard to spot and requires professional attention to prevent them from getting worse. For example, dense network of hairline cracks can be an early sign of poor subsurface conditions. On the other hand, large cracks and dense network of 1 inch cracks may need milling and repaving if the subsurface is compromised. It takes expertise and lots of experience to know the cost effective solution. Our goal is to give you a lasting solution.


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Parking Lot Services employs experienced staff and uses the finest industry materials, tools and equipment in every project. This ensures precision in sealing and repair, and durability that can withstand constant vehicle pressure and adverse weather conditions. With us, you get a top-quality pavement that improves the curb appeal of your property and ensures the safety and convenience of your customers and employees.


Get the job done right by hiring a skilled and experienced pavement contractor. Contact Parking Lot Services now for a full evaluation and estimate.